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Sport Fishing




We are a sport and family fishing resort located on scenic Oak Island, which is in the heart of Lake of the Woods and not far from Young’s Bay in the Northwest Angle area of LOTW. Oak Island is located on the Minnesota / Ontario border giving our guests easy access to both Ontario and Minnesota waters. Guests also enjoy everything the Northwoods and Canadian Shield have to offer, including, rocky wooded landscapes, beautiful sunsets, night skies full of stars, abundant wildlife, and legendary fishing in both Minnesota and Ontario waters.

Fish Species

Lake of the Woods is widely known as one of the best Walleye fisheries in North America, and for good reason. With a little bit of work and touch of luck, walleyes can be caught in good numbers and good sizes. Lake of the Woods is a big lake and big lakes produce big fish. Putting yourself in a position to catch numbers of fish with a real chance at a 28"- 30" trophy is what Lake of the Woods is all about.
Lake of the Woods and Musky fishing have been synonymous with one another for many years. Each year we have guests lucky enough to catch and release Musky up to 48", with at least a few that are able to crack the 50", super-trophy barrier. Muskie fishing is admittedly not for everyone, but for those with the "fever" LOTW is the place to be, and specifically Oak Island Resort, as you don't have to travel far in any direction to encounter Muskies!
Lake of the Woods has a history of producing big Northern Pike and Oak Island Resort is located in one of the top areas with guests catching a releasing trophy pike every season. We are located on the Minnesota / Ontario border, so properly licensed guests can fish both American and Canadian waters should they choose. Each year guests catch and release a good number of Northern Pike over three feet long.
Around Oak Island the Smallmouth Bass fishing is exceptional. The bass like a rocky structure and with an abundance of islands and rocky shoreline in close proximity to Oak Island, the Smallmouth Bass enthusiast will be in heaven.
As the water cools, fall crappie fishing heats up as they begin to form tight schools in the deepest water in the basin. Tube jigs and jig and minnow are your best bet. Finding a school at this time of year is hard to beat for pure fish catching fun and 13" crappies are not unusual. As for the Perch, Lake of the Woods is known for its jumbo perch over 10". They are not uncommon. Perch are commonly found mixed in with walleye and can be caught in good numbers.

Fishing Regulations

What to bring?

 Food & Drink
 Camera (Please email your full-size fishing pictures to us)
 Clothes, rain gear & hat
 Personal medications
 Personal toiletries
 First Aid Kit
 Hand soap
 Ziploc bags (if bagging your own fish)
 Matches & lighters
 Bug spray – 11% DEET or better
 Mosquito Coils / Citronella Candles
 Sun tan lotion – 15 SPF or better (25 to 35 recommended)
 Fishing Gear
 Landing Net
 Fillet knife
 Measuring tape & scale
 Depth Finder
 Flashlight (Waterproof is best)