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Resort Fun

On Oak Island



Although fishing one of the very best freshwater fisheries in North America is the main attraction, there is plenty to do for the person that wants to give the fish a break.

Kayaks, canoeing, swimming, bird watching and nature walks are some of the outdoor options. Oak Island has a trail that traverses a large portion of the interior. However, if you prefer the inside or the weather demands, the lodge offers guests a pool table, ping-pong, and large table for puzzles, card games and board games.

In the evening many guests enjoy sitting by the campfire and reminiscing about the day’s events, telling stories and watching the stars. If it is a clear night, you have a chance of seeing the northern lights.

Off the island, some like to check out the area’s history, places like Fort St. Charles (the longest occupied French Post in Minnesota, founded by Sieur de La Verendrye, a Canadian explorer and fur trader, and included on the National Register of Historic Places); American Point (the northernmost point of the lower contiguous 48 states); or Native American Pictograph hunting.